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Hoo boy, the weekend was a wild ride!


Rhiri's Yip has returned.

Infinite ladder climbing glitch is gone.

No more duplicating keys.

Once you got a key you can no longer open all doors.

Falling won't lock your rotation anymore.

Mimi won't steal your items from across the map anymore.

Items clipping through the ground should spawn back near you.

No more grabbing items from un-opened chests.

Physics objects should behave better now.

Huge icons have been tamed into normal sizes.

Button in the sewer won't push away objects anymore.

Exit point billboards are not stretched to infinity anymore.

Throwing objects should be smoother as well.


New tutorial in hub.

Chocka will ask you to take the instructions now.

Camera in a lower position providing better vision.

Camera will not try to force it's way behind the player any more while sprinting.

Turn rate increased while walking and running for smoother movement.

While preparing a throw the icon and Rhiri will follow the target.

What's being worked on:

Ai overhaul

Making sure all sound prompts work and properly alert the guards.

A retry system that does not involve restarting the level from scratch.

More sounds.

Cover art by the talented Ronnie Jarrad go them check out at @RonDangerSolo

Updated 13 days ago
Published 16 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsColorful, Fantasy, kobold, Low-poly, Stealth


Yark!0.0.3.rar 260 MB

Install instructions

Run yark.exe and enjoy!


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Love the art style, background music is soothing and calm, use of sound effects are good. 

Love the main character(the player), like the controller, easy to move around.

Suggestion; adding on how to use the controls in the beginning on your settings page.

Looking forward to see where this game is heading.


really like the premise. works well with the art style.

a slime stole my bag and i'm not sure how to get it back.

Wack it with a knife or the convenient fallen torch! If those were in the bag then the slime owns all of that now!